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Effective property law solutions from dedicated business law attorneys

As a business owner, you will inevitably find yourself dealing with real estate matters. Whether you are purchasing or selling a property, renting a property, or dealing with landlord disputes or zoning law matters, you need to be represented by a hard-working attorney. At Lurie & Seltzer, we use our real-world business experience to help create carefully-planned strategies that are in your best interests. We understand the stress of facing legal issues, which is why we are highly responsive and available to answer your questions. When you need experienced and efficient real estate legal help, our attorneys are here for you.

Resolving your real estate issues

It is our goal to avoid litigation and resolve your disputes collaboratively. However, sometimes litigation is inevitable. Our skilled litigators have the experience to help you in matters involving:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes. We handle cases involving lease and eviction issues. Our extensive experience handling contracts and lease agreements makes as an invaluable resource when contention arises. We provide the guidance you need to reconcile any disputes over commercial properties.
  • Breach of contract claims. Real estate contracts cover many matters, including sales transactions, commercial property usage, landlord-tenant agreements, leases, construction and more. When the terms outlined in a real estate contract are not followed, the wronged party may file a breach of contract claim. We help you pursue damages or defend your actions in contract disputes.
  • Construction disputes. When you are involved in a construction development project, it is likely that disputes will arise. These disputes may involve contracts, leasing, zoning or any other issues that often surround construction sites. We help negotiate, draft and review complex contracts and help you resolve disputes.

Real estate transactions and contracts can be very complicated. When it comes to your business, you want any disagreements to be resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible so you can focus on moving forward. At our firm, we provide high-quality representation for any real estate law issue you may be facing. Trust in our skill, knowledge and dedication to resolve your disputes.

Los Angeles attorneys handling complex real estate matters

If you are facing a real estate problem that could affect your business, Lurie & Seltzer can help. Contact us online, or call us today at 424-256-0459 . Schedule a consultation today at our Los Angeles, California office.