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When forming or growing a business, you have to deal with many different challenges and obstacles. You need to be represented by legal counsel with the knowledge to help your business succeed. At the law firm of Lurie & Seltzer, our attorneys have the necessary experience to create unique and effective strategies for you. The hands-on approach of our highly responsive attorneys has led to many lasting relationships with our clients, helping them with all their business needs.

Reviewing and developing strong business contracts

As business owner, you will have to sign contracts with your partners, employees, independent contractors, real estate agencies and more. It is essential that your contracts are thorough and meticulous to protect your business. Our lawyers help you negotiate and develop contracts that protect your interests and prevent future disputes. Our familiarity with business law and personal experience working in the business field will be an asset for your contract development.

Handling breach of contract cases

If a contract dispute does arise, we can help. One of the most common causes of business disputes is breach of contract. When one party fails to uphold their end of a contract, you need an attorney to manage and resolve the dispute.

Two of the most common contract breaches are:

  • Material breach. This is a breach where one party fails to reach their end of an agreement, rendering the contract “irreparably broken.” The wronged party can go to court to pursue damages for the losses the breached agreement caused.
  • Anticipatory breach (repudiation). This occurs when one party involved in a contract makes it known that they will not be upholding their part of the agreement. The other party can then claim a breach of contract before it is technically broken.

When you are in a contract and feel as though the other party is not upholding their responsibilities, your next step is to send them a notice of breach. This notice explains why you feel the other party has breached your contract and what needs to happen next to either fix the problem or end the contract. When sending a notice of breach, you must include:

  • The date that you are sending the notice
  • A description of the breach
  • The type of breach (material or anticipatory)
  • A way to fix the problem or terminate the contract

It is important to send a notice of breach before you go to court, to prove that you properly informed the other party that they were in danger of breaking your contract.

Once a contract dispute goes to court, there are certain defenses the accused party is likely to make. These are called “affirmative” defenses,” meaning the person who is being sued for the breach will defend their actions by saying the other party does not deserve damages. Common affirmative defenses include:

  • The contract was not in writing
  • The terms were never officially agreed upon
  • There is a mistake in the contract
  • One party was fraudulently induced to sign the contract

Whether you have been accused of breaching a contract or are accusing someone else, our attorneys have the in-depth understanding of contract law to handle your case.

Using collaborative law to resolve business and commercial disputes

If you are in the midst of a business dispute, you probably want to avoid going to court. Litigation can be timely, expensive and stressful. Our attorneys are experienced in collaborative law, meaning that we guide you through the process of resolving your issues outside of court. We work with you, the other party and their lawyers to find the best possible compromise for everyone involved. This process saves time, money and relationships. By working with the other party toward a resolution, you are creating a foundation to possibly work together in the future. If collaborative law does not work, our commercial litigation lawyers can take you through the next steps of the legal process.

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