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Commercial law governs the way that merchants conduct business with consumers and others involved in commerce. As a California business owner, it is important that you are familiar with commercial laws. An attorney at Lurie & Seltzer can advise you about the changing laws and help you protect your business. Our lawyers have the necessary experience to understand your needs and provide appropriate counsel. We give you the individualized attention you deserve, working hard to protect the best interests of your company.

What is the Uniform Commercial Code?

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) was developed as a way to regulate commercial dealings and transactions involving:

  • Sale of goods
  • Leasing of goods
  • Use of negotiable instruments
  • Banking transactions


  • Letters of credit
  • Investment securities
  • Secured transactions


The goal of the UCC is to establish uniform business laws across the United States. It was created as a way to combat the increasingly unmanageable legal and contractual requirements involved in business and the varying state laws that made it difficult to do business out-of-state. It is important that you understand the UCC regulations so that you don not violate any when conducting business. Our attorneys stay abreast of the changing UCC rules. We understand how to use these rules to benefit your business transactions and to avoid litigation.

What commercial transactions are not governed by the UCC?

While the UCC covers many commercial transactions, there are certain business contracts that it does not cover, including:

  • Real estate contracts. The laws surrounding buying and selling commercial property are not in the UCC. In California, a real estate purchase is made using a “real property sales contract.” This contract sets up a monthly payment plan, and once the payment is complete, the title is handed over to the new owner. This is considered a civil code, not a commercial code.
  • Service contracts. When you run a business that provides a service to a consumer, you must sign a contract. The laws for these types of contracts are not usually found in the UCC, but can be drafted based on general contract law.
  • Employment contracts. Much of what is included in an employment contract can be found in general contract law. The details of what should or should not be included are not outlined in the UCC.

Whether your commercial law needs fall under the UCC or not, our attorneys have the necessary skills to help your business succeed.

Skilled contract litigators in California

Contracts are the basis for much of how we conduct business in the United States. It is inevitable that you will be involved in a contract dispute, which can have a major impact on your business operations. Our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive knowledge of contract law. If you are involved in a dispute, we are able to work with you and the other party to negotiate a fair settlement. If compromise is not possible, we can litigate on your behalf. We will do everything in our power to protect your business and ensure that any disputes do not have a serious negative impact.

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