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No God, No Justice

We often here the refrain “No Justice/No Peace” in chants from young protesters, while they set buildings aflame and otherwise assault innocent standbys. Essentially what they are saying is that if justice is not served as they see fit, they will make sure that peace on the streets of American cities does not exist.
One of course must ask what is so peaceful about democrat policy created drug and poverty ridden slums in the first place? Does a riot redolent of arson really make things that much worse? My point is that the protest groups provide us an ultimatum: If you don’t meet our demands, you will not see peace.

They call that Justice. I call that extortion and intimidation.

But there is one equation that rings true: without God, there can be no justice.

How is this provable? Simple: since human beings are flawed, when there is no God in our lives with a moral center, our sense of “justice” becomes a floating point based on our own desires, moment to moment. Only with guidance from God, keeping our better angels front and center and our lesser angels contained does true “Justice” occur. It is part and parcel of what makes America such a miracle which is that we actually have a nation, Under God, that more likely than not day in day out, justice is done and justice occurs.

Truly, In God We Trust.

Our opponents work at all times to banish God from all parts of the public sphere which has the direct effect of making injustice more prevalent. Look at the examples: A baker refuses to provide a wedding cake for a wedding that violates her values. The protesters shame and descend upon her business with a massive boycott. She loses her livelihood. Where’s the justice?

Obamacare requires a convent to provide abortions, in complete violation of the the convent’s values. Where is the justice?

A gigantic corporation that functions entirely on the abortion business is caught illegally selling body parts of the dead babies for profit and isn’t prosecuted but the people who caught the company doing this are. Where is the justice?

In these areas and many more, the evisceration of justice happens only when we banish God from the public sphere. Only if God is restored to the public sphere will the hemorrhaging of justice end.

Until then, you will not get real “justice.” You will only get mob-rule, masquerading as justice.

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