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Their God is Fear

In the ancient days, followers worshiped their gods. The worship imbued their gods with power. Some of the elites of the human communities below would then harness this power, for their own advantage.

For many among the modern American and/or international left, the primary god they worship is fear.  Think about how every policy decision and position many of our friends on the left hold stems from fear. Abortion: keep it legal or women will die! Welfare: keep it in place or children will starve! Global warming: regulate everything in our economy or the world will flood! Foreign policy: withdraw American influence or people will hate us!  Minimum wage: we must have a living wage or the middle class will collapse!

Notice how every policy position involves a serious consequence that we must do anything to avoid? The policies of the left tend to feed on emotional terrorism. They worship fear like Muslims on their Haj circle the Kaaba in Mecca, circling it repeatedly.  Fear is the center of everything they believe, everything they value.

Yes, it really is that simple.

The fear becomes so part of their ideology that, exactly as a god, the fear takes on a life and power all of its own.  And soon it becomes nearly impossible to resist.

The irony is also so rich because many of our leftist ideological adversaries love to fancy those who disagree with them with the “phobe” suffix — one which denotes paranoia, an irrational “fear.”  It’s a fear of some chimera that they create to explain our philosophical views.  Its like they want to analyze their opponents psychologically, like those who oppose them are out of the norm, odd, and not worthy of debate.

But their own worship of the god of Fear reveals their own projection.  They smear us with what they do themselves.

Without fear and projection the left’s ideological bankruptcy would be totally apparent. Only by scaring people into irrationality does the Left survive.

Yes, my friends: we do have to fear fear itself.

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